Crazy Start And Challenge Smashed

What a crazy start to the year.

Work has ramped up, Uni has ramped up and running has started to get a little more serious than I expected, not that I’m complaining.

Back in January I started a running course called ‘Murder Mile” which is ran by an East London running group called RunDem Crew.

The course was 6 weeks for heavy training, from interval work on the Millennium Bridge (St Paul’s and the Tate Modern at night are stunning), races around The Barbican and chasing a runner who does marathons in 3hrs (I still question if he’s human). On more than one occasion I did think I had broken myself, I have never ran so hard in my life.

It was amazing fun, the chance to run with such a great group around London at night is an experience I’m not going to forget.

One of the perks of the course, along with making some new friends who share a passion for running, was being able to join RunDem Crew.

RunDem Crew is a huge (seriously huge) running group in East London, ran by Charlie Dark. Charlie is an amazing person, his passion for the sport is infectious. You can find out more about the Crew and Charlie online, including some videos by Nike Running –

I hope to blog more about my adventures with RunDem, as I can already tell that there are going to be a few.

My challenge for this year was to run a sub 1:50 half marathon, and a sub 50 minute 10k…well, that now has to change.

A week ago, I ran the Silverstone Half Marathon with a mate from Murder Mile. My first half marathon of the year…and it was hard going. My mate and I thought it would be a good idea to try and follow the 1:45 pacer for as long as we could…that lasted till 10k, at which point we were both knackered. Luckily we recovered and made it round the course, which was the Formula 1 race track…long, bleak and full of tarmac (It was like running round an empty car park).
Despite the uninspiring course I managed to get round the track in 1:49:13, and also managed to do the first 10k in 49:30. Which is amazing.

My next run is Reading Half in a week’s time. I hope to try and repeat my performance at Silverstone, but maybe be a little smarter and not knacker myself out at the first half.

Sadly I didn’t get a ballot place on the Great North Run, or Royal Parks. However I managed to get a charity place for Royal Parks, which I loved last year.
So please sponsor me at to raise much needed funds for Save The Children.

As I hit my challenge for this year, my new challenge is going to be doing the Royal Parks half in sub 1:45..eek!