Well I’ve been a little lazy…opps

Wow – the month has shot by, sorry about that.

To be honest I’ve been a little naughty and been using Christmas, work and uni study as an excuse to not get out in the rain and train. This means that I only have 2 months till my first half marathons of 2013 – eek.

Santa has given me a nifty running jacket so I can’t use the rain as an excuse now. Plus looking at the year ahead, I really need to get my arse in gear.

In addition to the 2 half marathons in March and the Berlin 25k and Bupa 10k in May I have (foolishly) added another event. One of my running clubs have invited me to take part in an obstacle course run the weekend after Berlin. It was only after committing did I find out what I have let myself in for, it’s billed as the worlds largest obstacle course with its 20 mile route with 200 obstacles. Considering that the longest I have ran is 14 miles and I have close to zero upper body strength I’ve got a lot of prep to do – but it’ll be one hell of a ride.

Hopefully I’ll get a team together for a 24hr relay run in July and get a place at the Royal Parks Half (August) and Great North Run (September) and I’ll be fully booked for the year.

Now I better get started – sub 1:50 isn’t going to happen on its own.


Well it’s happened…

I’ve signed up to 2 half marathons for 2013, both in March. The Silverstone and Reading half marathons are joining the Bupa London 10k as my 2013 events…and I can’t wait.

I’m hoping to get a ballot place for Great North Run (which I watch every year on TV) and Royal Parks Half (which I did this year and loved). Also the 24hr Thunder Run looks interesting….but we’ll see.

My aim for 2013 is to complete a 10k in sub 50min (my PB is 51:54) and a half marathon in sub 1hr 50 min (my PB is 02:06:48), and if i can “comfortably” do halfs in 01:45 ish i’d consider a marathon in 2014…but that’s too far away to consider.¬†

To help me reach my goals i’ve discovered My Asics, which looks like a great training planner…it even explains what the f*#k interval training is all about which is great, as i haven’t a clue. And according to the plan I could complete the Silverstone Half Marathon (my first run of 2013) in 01:49:50…which is a surprise. Asics, I accept your challenge….well I better get started.

Hi There

At the beginning of the 2012 I moved to London, during the move I damaged my hand which caused it to be paralysed for 5 months. I wanted to get fit (blame the new year – new start mood) but couldn’t gym due to my hand so resided to running. Once I got over the initial hump of getting the ball rolling I started to love it.

I originally signed up for the Bupa London 10k as a motivator, but this soon snowballed and this year I have completed 3 10ks (Bupa 10k, Great British 10k, Plymouth 10k) and 3 half marathons (Chicago Half Marathon, Royal Parks Half, Run To The Beat Half). I’ve loved every second and looking forward to more challenges next year

I run with the great people at Nike Running and Asics London and thanks to their support I’ve been able to find my running feet. Also the tweets and blogs posts from some amazing people have helped inspire me further, including¬†Innerrunner and Run Owl

Well that’s the awkward first post done….i’ll be back soon.

Until next time

Blue Frog