Bupa 10k – The Home Coming

My very first running event was the Bupa 10k 2012, back then the thought of doing 10k still seemed impossible and the race itself was a serious struggle – almost giving in at 7km. It was a hot difficult race, but I managed to get over the line in 1 hour 9 minutes.

One year on and I’m back standing at the start line and it feels like coming home in a way. It was definitely a warm run, not as hot as last year but still sunny enough to give me some sun burn, and despite the nice route, which snakes past many of London’s landmarks – it’s riddled will bottle necks – which meant that it was difficult to get a good stride on. Despite the warm weather I tried to gun for a sub 50min, sadly the weather slowed me down a little but I got round in 52.10, which I’m more than happy with.

It’s great to see what I’ve achieved in a year, the run felt like it flew by, and because of the heat and traffic jam of runners preventing me from picking up any real pace I felt like I cruised my way round, even laughing to myself as I remembered how I felt at the 7km point last year. It has made me think about what I could achieve if I improved my training – so in June, the real fun is going to begin.

If you are looking for your first 10k event you can’t got wrong with the Bupa 10k, it’s so well organised and mostly flawless – the only thing letting them down is the bottlenecks, but they could resolve that by spacing out the waves of runners a little more.

I’ve already signed up for 2014’s race, lets see if I can improve more before then.

Edit: I forgot to mention seeing Mo Farah glide past us at our 3k, his 7k mark. The guy is amazing to watch, making it look so easy as he completed the course in 29.13 – Legend


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