Well it’s happened…

I’ve signed up to 2 half marathons for 2013, both in March. The Silverstone and Reading half marathons are joining the Bupa London 10k as my 2013 events…and I can’t wait.

I’m hoping to get a ballot place for Great North Run (which I watch every year on TV) and Royal Parks Half (which I did this year and loved). Also the 24hr Thunder Run looks interesting….but we’ll see.

My aim for 2013 is to complete a 10k in sub 50min (my PB is 51:54) and a half marathon in sub 1hr 50 min (my PB is 02:06:48), and if i can “comfortably” do halfs in 01:45 ish i’d consider a marathon in 2014…but that’s too far away to consider. 

To help me reach my goals i’ve discovered My Asics, which looks like a great training planner…it even explains what the f*#k interval training is all about which is great, as i haven’t a clue. And according to the plan I could complete the Silverstone Half Marathon (my first run of 2013) in 01:49:50…which is a surprise. Asics, I accept your challenge….well I better get started.


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